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— Alessandra D’Angelo

Born in Sardinia in 1985, Alessandra grew up in the scout world from which she learned principles and values. A graduate of the socio-psycho-pedagogical high school, she later earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing and business communication from Rome’s “La Sapienza” faculty.  She completed a  master’s degree in Welcome and Integration of Asylum Applicants and Refugees. She began her working career as a journalist, giving voice to people, their stories and tales; each interview represented personal enrichment and evolution for her. After moving to Switzerland, she specialized in human resources and coaching, and has been involved in the non-profit world in Ticino for 10 years. She has participated in educational and social projects in Palestine, Israel, Albania and Ethiopia where she met the eyes of numerous street children and developed a strong sensitivity to the issue. A sunny, curious and determined person, she strongly believes that together we can all improve the world we live in.


— Monica Fanani

Born in Lugano in 1976 is of Tuscan descent. Her past experiences have been very diverse and each of them has generated added value and a deeper understanding of herself and human relationships. The beginning of her professional career was in financial counseling, to pursue a dream she moved to San Diego (California), where she had the opportunity to absorb a different language, idioms, customs and traditions and do an internship at the San Diego Center for Children. She then continued her studies obtaining a degree in developmental psychology in Milan and returned to Lugano working in several education centres for minors for more than 15 years. After obtaining her master’s degree in Cognitive-Systemic Counseling at SUPSI she works as a counselor in vocational re-integration, counselor and trainer at a foundation with a nationwide presence. She has long practiced mindfulness and loves to travel.

Secretary and treasurer

— Tiziano Zucal

Born in Lugano in 1968, he attended schools in Ticino, graduating first in the field of architecture, then graduating in Communication Sciences at the University of Lugano, with a Master’s degree in Media Management. After linguistic and professional stays in England and the United States, he returned to Lugano and has worked in the media industry since 2003. An empathetic, altruistic and responsible person, he loves traveling, learning about foreign cultures and has always been particularly sensitive to the issue of street children excluded from social, school and family contexts. He believes children who have the right to be valued in their native countries.

If a free society cannot help the many who are poor,
it cannot save the few who are rich.

J. F. Kennedy